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Smartphone for Senior - Android launcher for seniors

Smartphone for Senior is software created by the company CUPLESOFT, which allows you to transform almost any smartphone with Android into a simple, fast and useful phone.

Often, a traditional phone for older people is not enough because the screen, font or buttons are too small.
Smartphone for Senior solves these problems because it has large, readable buttons and fonts. In addition, it allows you to use in an accessible and easy way with all the possibilities offered by a modern smartphone.

The advantages of the software significantly reduce the barriers faced by digitally excluded older people, disabled people or children.

Are you worried about where the elderly person or child is?
Smartphone for Senior allows you to discreetly locate the owner of the smartphone.

Main advantages

  • Simplified but functional interface
  • Big buttons and fonts
  • Built-in editor for modify language of application New!
  • Built-in editor for modify colors of user interface New!
  • Built-in contact support
  • Shortcuts for contacts in the main menu
  • An innovative and fast contact search engine
  • Built-in messaging service
  • Easy receiving and sending of MMS messages
  • Keyboard with letters in alphabetical order
  • Built-in photo gallery and camera support
  • Discreet GPS location
  • Intuitive screen lock
  • Easy and quick phone mute
  • The main menu buttons can be edited
  • Many useful functions like: flashlight, application shortcuts, SOS mode, silent mode and much more
  • Large and clear indicator of battery and GSM signal
  • Password for application options and other system functions
  • Voice assistant for the blind

GPS location

Smartphone for Senior allows you to enable the discrete GPS location function of the smartphone.

The localized person will not know that he is being tracked, because communication takes place using discrete SMS messages.

You send an SMS command and the target person's smartphone sends an SMS with a link to the map with a GPS position.

The advantages of location in the application Smartphone for Senior:

  • Discreet location of the smartphone via SMS
  • 3 different ways of locating: GPS, WiFi, BTS
  • Saving battery on a person's smart phone because there is no need for an internet connection to determine the location                 - most of the time the smartphone works in sleep mode
  • The service is available for free (except for the costs of SMS messages set according to the GSM operator's price list)
  • Encrypted sensitive location data to ensure confidentiality

To learn more about the service and how to configure it, select HELP


Test it for free!

For 7 days you can test the application completely for free .
After this period, some functions will be blocked.

Please check before installing the application: Requirements

Make sure you have the option enabled in the system: Unknown sources.
Enable this option during installation if it appears in your browser.

It is necessary to enable this option to install the application from this page.
Open page https://smartfondlaseniora.pl on your smartphone and click Install to download and install the application.
Current version: 5.0.218
Date of update: 2024-02-20 15:30:00
File size: : 7375 kB
Requirements: Android 6.0 or newer

BUY a license key to unlock all functions of application.


To get the full version of the application you need to buy a license key.


You can buy a license in the online store:

If you already have a license key, all you have to do is enter it in the application.

Open Options and then select the button About and License.


For companies that want to offer the application Smartphone for Senior a special offer is available to its customers.

Advantages of cooperation:

  • The application is available for smartphones with Android, which currently constitutes 85% of the market
  • The installation of the application takes place outside the Google Play store, quickly and efficiently
  • It is possible to pre-install the application on smartphones and link it via the device's IMEI number
  • The ability to distribute applications along with license keys
  • Automatic application update function for the end customer
  • Technical support in the case of the need to adapt the application to the selected device or fix any errors


If you have any questions or problems regarding the application - write: